X G A M E D E S I G N Jeroen "Xanthi" van Werkhoven | Level Design


My passion for Level Design already started in the early days with Duke Nukem 3d. With a limited internet connection and only a few tutorials I started creating levels, which was pretty much a trial and error process. I remember spending countless hours to achieve something simple, like opening a door.. The next step was Half-Life where I worked on several mods, including The Specialists, MoveIn!, Infiltration and a dozen others.
When HL2 was released, I started with a few custom maps for Counter-Strike:Source after a few years doing this I eventually moved on to Insurgency and created ins_sinjar, which was one of the most popular maps in the mod. We won several prices with the mod, including MODDB’s mod of the year award.

I really enjoyed working on mods but it was time for the next step, which was InterWaveStudios. Started with creating a mod: Stargate The Last Stand with a bunch of friends ended up in a game-studio working on the blockbuster game Nuclear Dawn as a Lead Level Designer.

Level Design is a true passion of mine, always pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to create unique gameplay experiences for players for the time to come.

Contact Information:

Jeroen van Werkhoven
Noordwijk, Netherlands
Email: jvwerkh@gmail.com

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